Klondike Derby-dendum

The great story of the Klondike Derby I forgot to tell:

Last year, 3 darts and 2 atlatls were broken and another two darts were eaten by the corn-field.  It was balls cold and the contiguous sheet of ice on which we were atlatling made finding darts as easy as finding a dropped contact lens in the snow.

This year I took 8 atlatls and 39 darts and returned with 8 atlatls and 39 darts and an additional broken dart for a total of 40 darts.  I was meticulous in doing my leave count and this total was double-checked by Zack.  I looked over the broken dart that was quite beat and I’m certain we found one of the darts we’d lost the previous years.  Dun dun dun.

For 2009: Webelos atlatl station, bra ha ha ha ha.