Friday, Campmastering

Only three units were in camp this weekend which led to us hoping nothing interesting would happen. We were wrong. All units had check in and we were sitting in Totem reflecting on how amazing we were when Andy Zeek’s eyes widen. He got up and walked outside and told us to come look. What he’d seen was a 15′ tall fire in the middle of the Eagle Grove (note, even if you haven’t been to camp “fire” + “grove” should set off alarm bells). The neat part was how he saw it. The fire was big enough that he saw the reflection off of the French doors into the Totem living room, off the porch door through a side window, so a fourth level reflection.

Taking down (just making it smaller) the fire involved four buckets a number of my lost arm-hairs and a case of sunburn. The most annoying part was probably the leader who laughed when we were done and I’d lost various layers of skin and said “hot enough for you?” In the night, I pondered sneaking the children out and turning the Eagle lodge into a charnel house.