Scavenging Luck

During Spring break I enjoy the long-time tradition of college students with jobs: overtime.  Yesterday I was tooling around the building look for morsels and scraps from meetings when I hit a stockpile of goods: 12 bottles of water, 6 granola bars, about 20 cans of soda and a bowl of mixed nuts.  From the fact that there were no Brazil nuts in the mix I could tell this meeting was for important people.  Then I found a cache of leather folios for the meeting attendants.  I took them, in an effort to curry favor with my coworkers as I couldn’t reasonably use more than one.

I brought them back to the lab and presented them, in a moment one person asked “thanks, but who’s Rebecca Stimpton?”

Apparently I didn’t notice the engraved steel name plate on the back of each.  Oops.