Scouting vs. Judging

Today I judged at a GP. I hate GPs, they’re as close to working in a Pennsylvania Coal Mine in the 1870s as I get with 18 hour days on my feet, repeating the same series of actions over and over again.  I missed the new staff member tryout for it so I wanted to compare judging to being a staff member at Ockanickon and found some amazing similarities.

Factor Judging Scout Camp Winner
Dumb Uniform X-Zebra Stripes X-Khaki Class A Tie
Knowing Byzantine Rules X-Comprehensive Rules X-Guide to Safe Scouting Tie
Dealing with dumb kids with dumb parents X-JSS Judging X-Every shit 12-year old going for Eagle Tie
Horrible Work Hours X-16hr Grand Prix X-36 hour days due to norovirus Tie
Contact with Women X-Ugly players or mothers X-Ugly Venturers or mothers Tie
Dick Leadership X-Scott Larabee X-Dave Hasel Tie
Sense of achievement at improving America’s moral fiber X Scouting
Ability to curse and tell dirty jokes X Judging

Hm… Ability to curse versus sense of achievement at helping America’s youth, that’s a close one.