Pzzizz pblows

I’ve been trying to find a better way to nap.  For the longest time I had a silent egg timer that only made noise when the alarm went off.  Most egg timers make annoying ticking noises which makes napping nigh impossible.  I’d been told about Pzizz a piece of nap software that generates mp3s of specific times for naps.  Normally I’d include a link but I think this is something you should avoid.  Anyway, I generated a 20 minute “Energizer” nap and discovered by they named it that.  The piece starts off with soothing music and a guy telling you to relax which is fine for the first two minutes.  About five minutes later, the same guy comes back and effectively yells at you to relax.  He then yells at you approximately every four to five minutes keeping you on edge and quite “energized”.  After 13 minutes of this I finally nodded off and didn’t wake up for two and a half hours and this is why:  The voice that tells you to wake-up is quieter than the narration voice.