The Weight of my Cat

I don’t know why, but I really wanted to know how much the cat weighs.  Really wanted to know.  So, I asked  around:

Dad’s guess: 13 lbs
My guess: 15 lbs
Ryan’s guess: 11 lbs
Amanda’s guess: 1 dollar

So, I first tried dropping the cat on the bathroom scale and pushing down on it, depending on  the cat’s natural tendency to just lie down when you push down on it.  Fail.

I handed the cat to my dad.  To make a long story short, my dad bled a lot and we still didn’t know how much the cat weighed.

Amanda stepped up to the plate, weighed herself and then failed to get the cat to cooperate and after taking a claw to the boob, the cat was put down.  The golden opportunity occurred when the cat, hungry from fighting with us, wanted onto the countertop, Amanda grabbed him and soon the truth was illuminated: 15.4 lbs.