New guy….

There’s a new guy at work.  He’s pretty dumb.  Maybe it’s because he’s uncoordinated, but I think dumb is a simple cover.  I showed him how to do a test to determine the capacity of an ostomy pouch.  It’s about as tricky as you think it is:  You take a pouch, fill it with water, and empty the pouch measuring how much water comes out, oooooo.  It took this guy 6 tries.  I had to change my lab coat because he covered me in food-colored water, twice.  There was a total variance of about 40% in his measurements, I’m confident someone could have a seizure while doing the test and get more consistent results.

He also talks on his phone a lot, one my pet peeves in the lab.  We don’t deal with flesh-eating bacteria or toxic chemicals, but still it’s a lab.  He talks loudly and in some variation of Mandarin or Cantonese but he sounds like he’s making it up as he goes along.  I’ve heard people yell into a cell phone before in most languages used in China but his just didn’t sound right.  He also wears T-shirts to work.  T-shirts…  We’re a testing lab, but please, some decorum.