Kids say the Darndest Things

After the Camporee, Teejay Green, Valerie Green and I got together for gravity ribs at the Churchville Inn.  It was 6:58 and I needed to be there by 7 PM, so needless to say, I was early.  I got a table and while waiting dicked around with my new IR thermometer shooting various things around my room and discovered that while my normal drink at home with 3 small ice cubes is 38°F on average, a full glass of ice yields soda closer to 33°F.  Anyway, while waiting, I listened to the conversation at the table next to me that had apparently just learned that Dumbledore was gay when the kid piped up and said “Next we’ll find our that Harry’s a damn Jew.”

Remember, start your kids down the road of life-long projectionism with an early dose of anti-Semitism….