Expelled anger source 1

This post does not have humor as its primary purpose.  Live with it.

If you’ve seen the commercials for “Expelled” you’ve seen Ben Stein raise his hand and “where life came from?” as some sort of polemic directed against evolution.  This is simply ridiculous as it’s not evolution’s job to explain that.  Evolution steps in the moment life exists to explain how it changes and a damn fine job it’s done and doesn’t attempt to explain origins.  Requiring that it explain life’s origin would be like insubstantiating classical mechanics because while it can explain the motion of the ball it can’t explain where the ball came from.  Gha….

As a side note, Expelled Exposed has a wonderful run down of the errors of both omission and comission it commits.  If anyone wants to go see it with me and sit there and probably be angry for a few hours afterwards, I’m game.