NASA to start MMO

For the last year or so I’ve joked that I’m a Level 2 actuary and can cast magic missile.  A joke about which I don’t think anyone has yet laughed.  What once started as a joke now may become reality with NASA starting an MMO.  Besides being quite possibly the dumbest premise for an MMO I’ve ever seen except for possibly the Shakespeare MMO I can only assume that it’ll be identical to WoW except for with fantastically more ridiculous classes like Darkwater Physicist, Mathematician of the Holy Nimbus and some sort of Materials Scientist/Druid combo that allows players to transform into carbon nanotubes.

Having trouble running rocket simulations?  Slide-rule of Prediction +5!  Challenger mishap repeat?  Resurrection bitches!  I look forward to the world’s nerdiest PvP games.