Dead Dog Dress

Max is dead… Well, at least the first one. He’s still in a shrink-wrapped cardboard box above the defunct fireplace in the pool room along with his collar. When we got Max II, we got him a new collar as well, the other one was being employed en memoriam.


Well, Max II lost his collar and besides looking naked, he was both silent and sad as I imagine the collar is the dog hybrid of a wallet and wardrobe.   Max I’s collar has been pressed into service and I wonder if Max II minds.  He can probably smell other dog on it along with the slight smell of macabre leather and mold.  We had to let out the collar a little as Max II was either larger or thicker necked and I’m still getting used to the different tintinnabulations of the 1994 rabies shot and the tags from UPenn when Max I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  I feel kinda bad about the whole thing, when we reused the dog bowls that’s like heirloom china, but reusing the collar seems like I’m trying to get runs out of a headstone.