Lord's Prayer in the Law

I’ve been doing some investigation into the EPA over the last year or so and found an amazing opinion from the Circuit Court for DC regarding daily pollution rates. The EPA had said that “Daily” was merely a construct and pollution could be calculated on a seasonal or annual basis. The Court shot back with the following:

“Daily” connotes “every day.” See Webster’s Third
New International Dictionary 570 (1993) (defining “daily” to
mean “occurring or being made, done, or acted upon every
day”). Doctors making daily rounds would be of little use to
their patients if they appeared seasonally or annually. And no
one thinks of “[g]ive us this day our daily bread” as a prayer for
sustenance on a seasonal or annual basis. Matthew 6:11 (King

I have no idea how to properly cite this so I’m just going to link to the original.