Conversation with Parent of First Time Camper

I only heard the Admin side of the conversation but I think what’s excluded is obvious.

Answerer: Yes, he’ll be expected to sleep outside in either a tent or Adirondack.
The tents are canvas.
The Adirondacks are wood and have three walls.
The cots are canvas too.
The Adirondacks have wooden bunks.
Yes, they’re supposed to have three walls, and also have roofs.
A towel would be a good idea for the pool.
I understand you don’t like being outdoors, your son will be fine.
Yes, it’s perfectly normal for him to enjoy being outside.
Honestly, I’ll be impressed if he showers twice.
The latrines can be scary at first but as soon as he sees someone else use them he’ll be fine.
No, you’re not asking too many questions.
I’ll be here to answer any questions for you.
*Hang-up* Well, there goes my lunch break.