Calendar Fail

This Saturday, Zack Kantner and I went on a trek to find a new iPhone and at the first store found the wait to be 3 weeks.  At the next store, it was 10-20 business days or 2 to 4 weeks.  I visited a 3rd store after dropping off Zack and the third store it was 15 days.

Me: But the last store said they could get it in 10 business days?
Clerk:  Well, if they can get it in 10, we can get it in 10.  And we’re usually faster than the Newtown store so we can probably get it in 8 or so.  We might be able to get it in fewer days if you’re willing to wait.
Me: So if I wait, I might be able to get it faster than if I order it now?
Clerk: Yeah.  Wait till the rush is over.

Am I the only one who finds this makes no sense?