A Life Reflected

I’m currently sitting on a bench outside a Dunkin’ Donuts between the Reading Terminal Market and Market Street Station thinking of the exam I could have probably done better on by selecting answers through analyzing the entrails of risk management majors.  The exam itself wasn’t too bad, I felt good that I had a strong sense of whether or not I got a question wrong, the rule was simple: if I selected an answer, I probably got the question wrong.  But the oddest event of the day was when I went into Wawa at 20 of 7:00 AM and walked in on the person operating the register talking with some sorostitute about some sort of doctor’s visit in an unusually upbeat manner.

Register operator: Yeah, it turns out the test results were positive.
Sorostitute: Well, that’s sad.
Register operator: Well, you know me, I’ll go down smiling all the way.
Sorostitute: You will.
Register operator: It’s ok.  Just keep going.

After 20 seconds of disbelief and me thinking that they’d break out in Seasons of Love or something else from Rent, I walked out.  Standing there in a Wawa parking lot at quarter of 7:00 AM with a turkey sausage bagel in my left hand and a kielbasa in my right I realized something:  No matter what happens in the next few hours, I’m alive…. and by 2 PM will have wasted $375 failing an actuarial exam.