Fun at Doylestown Hospital

So, the day started out great, with crispy bacon in the Dining Hall and everything.  I thought I could slip away from the shackles of karma, but I couldn’t.  One of the provos destroyed his ankle while waving at Andy Clarke.  Injury often stalks those who wave to the Briton.  I, being the only one with a car, got to drive the fellow to the hospital but with the caveat that it was after a pit stop.  The Economist’s Technology Monitor had been updated so about 45 minutes later I made the 200 foot walk to take the kid to the hospital.  I was worried that he was faking his sprained ankle so I made several jarring stops, based on the volume of the screams he wasn’t faking it.

On arrival, we sat in the ER waiting area surrounded by people with funny conditions.  Funny uh oh, not funny ha ha.  We played hide and go seek with our radios in the waiting room.  After a two hour wait, he went to get an x-ray and we tried for a group shot but weren’t allowed.  Andy and our next got our charge a large collection of Hannah Montana stickers for being such a brave little Scout.  I look forward to seeing how this ends.