Unprotected Surfing

A gentlemen at camp liked what we were doing and purchased us some wireless N stuff so the staff could do work in more places.  The problem has been that the DNS service we use is not acting correctly eliciting the following:

Joe: Terry, you can access facebook, are the dominican monks that guard the Internet on strike?
Me: The DNS service isn’t working, you could go to hothotsluts.com without being stopped.
Joe: Really? *wait* Damn, hothotsluts.com doesn’t exist.  It should.
Me: Hold on… I now own hothotsluts.com.

So, I’m now the proud owner of hothotsluts.com, I’m not sure where I should direct it.  In other news, we discovered that hotsluts.com does indeed exist and with a byline “sluttier than you could ever imagine” I don’t know how they’re not #1 on the slut charts.