Train the Trainer Training notes

Boring training notes:
8:00 – Start. Already bored
8:10- falling asleep.
8:25 – ripped out hang nail. Now awake.
8:45 – inatructor says semper gumby. I laugh much louder than appropriate.
8:50 – Bored
8:55 – joke no one got.
9:00 – diatribe on the role of the district
9:15 – good presentation. Yea!
10:00 – guy with flipchart does presentation. Everyone in awe of fact that guy still uses flipchart. He points out that chart never runs out of battery and then marker dies.
10:30 – long line of characteristics of the form “is (adjective)” with the last item being “can empathize”. Is empathetic too uncommon a word?
10:45 – made “a preposition is a horrible thing to end a sentence with” joke to which everyone just nodded and said yes.
1:00 – “I love roleplaying” “no that kind”. “oh”