No File Extension Guessing Game

I was trying to track down an high resolution copy of the OSR logo to put onto sign posts and so on and tracked down a vector graphic of the logo from the guy who prints our shirts.  He sent it to me saying it was “the graphic he used” but the file I received didn’t include an extension.  Time for trial an error!

BMP – No
JPG – No
TIF – No
PNG – No
SVG – No
VML – No
XPS – No
PDF – No
JP2 – No
RAW – No
PBM – No
EWC – No
CGM – No
DCS – No
SWF – No
GIF – No
ANI – No
PAT – No
CFA – No
DNG – No
GIH – No
TGA – No
PGF – No

Yep. Encapsulated post script.  The graphic equivalent of storing a term paper as a spreadsheet.  It’ll work, sure.  But no sane person would do it.

He included another image that I’m yet to figure out what it is.  I’m confident if I open it in a hex editor it’ll just be pseudorandom data.