A Guy to Help Me Let Me Fight My Battles

I’m briefly returning to my place of previous employ to complete a project.  I received an initial salary offer from the staffing firm that was unappetizing so asked for some time to chew on it.  I replied the next day that it was below what I wanted and I contacted the staffing firm and left a message that I was looking for more and then the employer (without telling the staffing firm) to discuss a new wage.

I talked about what I was looking for and why with my contact and he agreed to put in a new request for a bit more.

I later received a message from the staffing firm: “Hey, Terry.  This is Matt and yesterday I sensed you weren’t happy with your offering. (No shit, I said I wasn’t) So I contacted your employer (which he didn’t) and talked to their staffing director (which they don’t have) and wrestled (?) a new rate our of them that I thought you’d find more appealing.  Just wanted to know that I’m fighting for you.”

Nice to know that this firm’s going to get paid probably $4.00 for every hour I work and now more because of my work.  Thanks, douche.