Free Stuff Update

I’m taking some quality time to get rid of some excess stuff that would probably serve someone else far better:

D-Link Wireless Router
Honeywell Fan
Grey Fan
AT&T Headset
2 Wireless Keyboard/Mice
2 Radio Wrist Watch
PS/2 Mouse
Radioshack Headset
USB Secure Digital Card Reader
IR Keyboard
TI Graphlink
In Ear Headphones
Targus PDA Case
4 Small Car Speakers
2 Super 8 Nintendo Controllers
USB Controller Converter

In addition to the above:
30 lbs of Dungeons and Dragon Ver 2.0 source material (mostly Planescape)
3 ATX Computer cases
Vampire: The Masquerade V 1.0 core book
An absolute shit load of 2-4 inch binders in superb condition
18 slide projectors
16 overhead projectors

If you’re interested in any of these, email me.