A Fate Worse Than Death, for Stinkbugs

11 months ago, during the Great Stinkbug Scourge of 2007, I thought I killed all the bastards but have recently realized I have not.  My mistake was apparently in crushing them.  Once the stink is unleashed, the other bugs scatter delaying their eventual death as I had to wait for them to regroup.  So, I devised a new way of killing them:  I took pieces of double sided tape, stick one side to the bug and the other side to the inside of a cardboard box I’m using as a garbage can.  So I have a row of these bugs stuck with their backs to the box, flailing wildly until they eventually starve/dehydrate and die without unleashing their stench.

Alternatively, I could start raising spiders again.  I’m not sure which would be worse.