Awkward Handbag

Me: Nice handbag.
Coworker: Thanks… wait that was an insult. What’s wrong with my handbag.
Me: Well, it’s a Penthouse bag.
Coworker: Yeah, doesn’t it look nice.
Me: Do you know what Penthouse is?
Coworker: Yes…. no. *begins typing into browser, SITE BLOCKED warning comes up.* Oh, no.
Me: You might now want to do that again.
Coworker: It could be something else.
Me: Maybe. *checks on iPhone, finds Penthouse Magazine. Passes to coworker* See it even has the key logo
Coworker: Where’s the key logo?
Me: Look… closer.
Coworker: Oh. Well, you’re a jerk, but a useful jerk.
Me: Thanks, I think.

The joke was on me later when a coworker asked to see my phone and Penthouse Magazine was scrawled across it.