No HPs Allowed

Two lodge members were attempting to get access to the Totem Wireless and both were having some difficultly.  After about 20 minutes of trying one threw his hands into the air saying “HPs can’t get onto the network”.  The other person who was trying to get on closed the lid of his HP and slinked away.  I helped the first person get online with some software-fu and all was right in the world.

Later, the 2nd person returned to me-
2nd person: Hey, Terry.
Me: Yeah?
2nd person: I know there’s rules on who can get online, but can you please lift the rule that stops HPs from going online?  I really need to do my homework.
Me: That makes no sense, why would I place a rule to stop certain types of computers and even if I did, I couldn’t possibly implement it, you’re re-… Yes, I will, but I’ll have to do something to your computer first.
2nd person: Ok.
Me: *Takes computer, clicks “Connect to network” in lower right hand corner of screen*
2nd person: What was the problem?
Me: A PEBKAC error.  I can’t fix it, but I made it go away.
2nd person: One day I hope I can fix them myself.
Me: Me too….