Needy Appliances

I hate needy technology.  My microwave beeps every 60 seconds until you take its contents out. I checked to see how long this would go by setting the microwave for a few seconds and then going to bed and checking it in the morning.  Still going.

Some WordPress plugins are equally insistent being updated every few days.  When an app goes from ver. to there really shouldn’t be a giant red marquee on the top of the page telling me to get the vital update or my Flickr feed could be viewed by communists.  Unless failing to update will cause nothing less than the distruction of Western Civilization, I don’t care until it at least hits

Something more appropriate would be my car’s parking brake light.  I’ve driven for hundreds of feet with the parking brake on after someone drove it without telling me they activated/engaged it, turfing grass, destroying stone walkways and abbrating woodland creatures without treating me like an idiot.  It lets me look like an idiot, but at least it gives me the option.