Non-Obvious Purchase Buttons

I just bought Adobe Lightroom 2 as I really like it for simple post processing and with my now waning student discount I can get it for just shy of a benjamin.  I buy from a student software site that just changed their UI and it has the intuitive qualities of the Quantum Holographic Principle.  Each page in checkout has the “continue” button in a different place and where the “Buy” button would normally be in the lower right hand corner of the center frame there’s a rotating sequence of “subscribe”, “verify student identity” (which is even displayed on the screen that tells you that your student ID has been verified” and my favorite: recommend.  Yes, I’d like to write a review on a student software site frequented by kids who have to buy this stuff for a product I’m in the process of buying.  If only supermarkets asked about the quality of their fruit as you were packing it into your car.