Uncreative Origami Master

I’ve been folding a lot of drawings.  I’ve nearly doubled my throughput in about three weeks of training and I’ve gotten really good at size E drawings which are 16 times a normal sheet of paper.  The folding table isn’t big enough to hold the drawing so my first and second folds are negotiated in mid-air and the folds are done with the back of an Expo dry erase eraser.

Today while folding, a group was waiting for someone in a nearby cube to finish a phone call and they started watching.  Apparently folding vellum is a lot more hypnotic than I’ve ever found it to be.  Later, a coworker returned and started watching, I asked if I could help him, to which he replied “I heard you’re good”.

I’m waiting for some upstart young turk to challenge me for my seat.