Amateur Scavengers

A large clump of cubes have recently been populated with marketing folk and they simply haven’t learned the proper rules of scavenging and post-meeting food theft etiquette.  Once you’ve finished a meeting, it is not proper form to come back with a f#$%ing shopping bag to take extra sodas and bags of chips, it is not ok to have someone wait in the room between trips to ward off people from other departments from taking anything and finally it is unacceptable, no childishing, to take forks and plates.  I can see hording sodas, but plates?  They are literally available at all times in the cafeteria along with condiment packets and ice.  Also, perishables should only be taken up to what one can consume in a day.  Excess should be put in a common area.  Extra ranch turkey bacon wraps in the garbage indicate carelessness, and these aren’t the kind of people that can be entrusted with maximizing shareholder value.  A kind of comity exists between departments on rules for raiding and counter-raiding the spoils of meetings and these vagabonds risk initiating a war they may not be ready to win.