Steely Grip of Courtesy

For one of the few times in my professional career I received a thank you gift in the form of 16 oz handled, non-microwavable, recessed lid, slider cup.    I was thrilled that I got recognition for my years of dodging work and long hours of fabricating data.

NOTE: For the purposes of complying with 49 CPR 1028 the above statement is false and is meant for humorous effect to preserve a comic idiom.  All data was properly and rigorously generated and recorded in compliance with ISO and FDA documentation standards as well as to the moral standards of the Engineer Code of Ethics.

But the lid’s steel.  Steel.  Who makes a cup with a steel lid.  “I want some coffee.  Mmmm… That’s good steel-flavored coffee.  I’m glad I’ll be tasting that metallic tinge with all food I eat for the rest of the day.”  Every other part of the cup is rubberized except for the one part that comes in contact with you tongue.  GHA….