Replacing the Hummer with a Prius

Intel’s Atom processor intrigued, nay, called to me.  A 8 watt draw for a 1.6GHz dual core CPU making it the most efficient dual core processor for the desktop.  I changed the processor in my home server from the Pentium D.  The Pentium D was the least efficient processor ever created for home use pulling in a whopping 133 watts.  Legend has that systems that fluid used to watercool a Pentium D could poach eggs and fish.   Each Pentium D required its own coal-fired power plant and 3 fans to cool.  Mine was slung in a 45 lb behemoth that was 12″ x 24″ x 28″ and could be used as a fall out shelter.  Had I not opted for a four drive RAID array I could have put the entire new server in something the size of 2 math text books.

I’m not sure what to do with the old system.  It still works, much like one’s gas guzzling JEEP but I can’t think of much that could justify its continued existence.  Maybe it’s time to finally try Ubuntu.