Liquid Nitrogen Bummer

A few days ago I asked a coworker what he was doing with 400 gallons of liquid nitrogen, then he just grinned and today I found out.  He finished his test work and then we looked for something cool we could dunk in liquid nitrogen and subsequently smash.  We scanned the building for plants, flowers, bushes and the like with no success: all the plants were fake, no one had flowers or plants on their desks and all the leaves were off the trees.  Nothing even vaguely cool to break.  I tried the standby of a rubber stopper, even at -178° it didn’t break.  Like a Twilight Zone episode there was nothing cool to break.  Disheartened, we settle for shattering some plastic netting which formed a jagged crown.  It will forever be a warning to those who plan to get extra liquid nitrogen, but don’t plan enough to get cool shit to break with it.

-Edited: My spelling and grammar blew, my apologies to eyes stabbed by my slovenliness.