Blastfax To Three People

Twitter is a blast messaging service whereby one subscribes to feeds of others and receives whatever short messages the people you’re following send via mobile phone, text client, Friend Feed, the Twitter site or 3rd party apps.   I use it to post notes and thoughts that are too short to justify a blog post or interesting articles.

I follow mostly luminaries in the technology and science fields but sometimes follow random schlubs just to see what kind of things they talk about in their puny world.  One guy I’m following has 3 other followers (one of which is a spam service) and keeps tweeting for tech support, so in effect two people he probably knows receives his tweets.  Wouldn’t it be faster to text them directly or just call?  It’s like blast faxing your Rolodex of two people or for an emergency evacuation notice to be printed in a magazine, you’re using the medium incorrectly.  Even better, since twitter has a 140 character message size cap to fit into the SMS standard he uses hideous abbreviations like the following “I have trouble with prntr.  Blinks like no ink but new toner. On restart print 1 page then crap out. Is because I’m using ‘net port not USB?”

This may be more fun than searching for the crappy lifejournal’s of people with the worlds “dark”, “angel”, “tears” or “sadness” in their names.