Dedicated to Service

Team Interrobang bought a dedicated server a little over a month ago and the person setting up the server quickly received a 1/2 dozen tickets as we customized things to our liking and “Charles, the technical support guy” became “Chuck, our man in Houston”.  Then today, while discussing server problems on our team’s forums, a guy named Charles posted that our balance was coming due.  I thought it was a joke until I saw that our payment is due Monday, the IP address was out of Houston and the email address was  This is both kinda neat and kinda REALLY FUCKING CREEPY.

So, is this the Internet equivalent of saying “Bloody Mary” in a dark bathroom?  Flame your tech support guy in an obscure forum 3 times and he’ll appear and tell you when you’re bill’s due?  This only furthers mine and Apollo’s theory that Chuck simply runs a server farm out of his senile grandmother’s basement after he hijacked a fat fiber pipe he found under her flowerbed with used boxes liberated from a bankrupt Circuit City, which would be awesome.