Holiday Jerks 2008

I enjoy the onslaught of emails, calls and Facebook messages I receive around the holidays from former high school associates.  Their saccharine sentiment that makes them feel like they’re doing missionary work from the Church of Cool that usually goes something like “hey gang!  It’s your arrogant friend who left for the big city.  I’m going to be inyour backwater hovel for a week and want to give you the honor of  hearing me wax idiotic about how worldly I am now.”

Normally my response ranges from silence to “I hope you die of amoebic dysentery in a ditch” but Joe Naylor has provided another option: “Isn’t my face red. I’ve been so busy being useful to society and accomplishing things like not being a douch that I forgot you existed.” I think I may try this take as a New Year’s resolution. What tactics do you use?