Effort: The Dark Side

During the staff volleyball bananza I was panned for not exerting enough effort to return the ball.  I wasn’t being lazy, simply efficient.  Getting me, to a point 3 feet in front of me in a period under 1/10 of a second would induce an impulse equivalent to a V-2 rocket so flailing wildly is by far more effective.

After one jibe I decided to show my team-mates the error of their ways.  I went after every ball.  No matter the direction, number of people in the way, chances of return or risk to person or equipment I went after it.  A few minutes of near decapitations, skylight-bound shots, fistballs, and some Braveheart-like cries of fear Nick Gramiccioni pulled me aside saying, “Terry, I’m sorry.  I never thought I’d say this to someone but, please stop going after the ball and just stay still.”