Giant Monitor Homesickness

A coworker left and as is the sacred tradition of my workplace, we drew lots for his crap.  I emerged with a 22″ monitor that most of my coworkers didn’t realize could be used in tandem with my existing one each computer in the CAD group has a double dual-link DVI-capable video card.    I connected the 2nd monitor and suddenly felt at home.  Not quite my 2560×1600 30-incher but I was wrapped in monitor again with roughly 90° of my field of view taken up by screen.  So at home, in fact I began searching for TOR  proxy stuff I’d been looking for, luckily the crack between the screens revealed the drab off-white paint of my generic office encampment before IT could realize how much of a 1337 h4xor I was.  Aside benefit is the confuse the setup induces; the lowest guy on the totem-pole has the pimpest rig.  Maybe I should do some case mods or bring in an illuminated keyboard and maybe they’ll give me a business card.  Even the group leader was interested saying “it looks neat, but I’m not sure it’d work with the stuff I use.  Maybe I’ll start out with something small and work my way up.”  He constantly has 9 things open at full screen, his head’s going to pop off when he tries it.