365 Days of Rage

Now that the New Year has begun I’ve started to go through the Scrabble Calendar.  Each day’s puzzle is more ludicrous than the last with the people who complete them being capable of bending spoons with their minds.

Fake Examples:

What three standard endings can be added to WEEPING for a 14 letter word: SWEEPINGNESSES.

_E_U_ _ A _ R

With a rack of NNPHXTI, what tiles can you lay to spell a type of Egyptian Lily?  NENUPHAR.  Right on the tip of my tongue.

The worst are the “What’s your play?” pages where it’s an existing Scrabble board and you have to make the best play and guides are given like: 50 points – learning, 80  points – good, 190 points – expert and I get around 12.  On the plus side, none of the tiles fall out when I throw the entire calendar at the wall.

Happy spelling!