Yu-Gi-Oh! vs. Magic Players

I’ve never played Magic at Six Feet Under Games and bein’ in God’s country I was walking on egg shells to a certain extent.  This was amplified when the store owner issued the following warning to a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament that was about to start:

Attention Yu-Gi-Oh! players.  You are the worst bunch of people that are ever in the store.  You are foul-mouth, rude, don’t pick up after yourself and are horrible human beings.  If you disagree with this, you’re lying and should leave.  If you’re anything but polite you’ll be kicked out.  If you don’t leave, I’ll call the police.  I’m posting the store rules and if you’re under 13 I’ll need your parents permission and want them to know who you hang out with.

Well then.  I was a bit concerned until I started yelling “IN YOUR FACE!” at someone I beat without reprecussions.  Maybe years from now the pursecution of Yu-Gi-Oh! players will be recorded as one of the moral outrages of the early 21st century.