Exam Prep Zen

I failed Exam MLC the first time.  I’m ok with that as the pass rate is about 30% as first time passers seem to be Act. Sci. TAs whose tenure depends on such things.  I have a job and have once again overcommitteed myself in Scouting and sometimes hope that glutton is added to the three Gs of gay, gal and godless which provide reasons for eviction so I can take care of some things, putting multiple choice tests behind me being one of them.  Seeing my time dwindle preparing for the Klondike Derby I reached a state of calm regarding my impending failure, much like the driver who removes his hands from the wheel upon realizing his car has broached the edge of cliff or the accountant that straightens his die when he realizes he’s outmatched in a Tiajuana Standoff.  I’m being periodically hit by bolts of inspiration whereas suddenly the undefined expected value of the Cauchy distribution makes sense or I predict the success rate of children crossing a busy street by constructing an impromptu Markov Chain, although I assume once the first child was hit by a cement truck the distribution ceased to be stationary.  I’ve slept well, and see reality pass me like the river to a rock, knowing it will eventually be worn down to sand.  I’m not getting angry about people who ride the right lane approaching a constriction and merely chucked with the fellow from housekeeping threw out my unfinished lunch having stepped away to get more pepper.  And then, I found the piece that brought it all together:

Via Somethingawful.com, by CosmicDNA

Via Somethingawful.com, by CosmoDNA

No matter what happens, I’m still better off than Paul Granger, pseudo-writer of children’s fiction.  Although it would be a spot funny if an actuary wrote Choose Your Own Adventures.  Especially if it started with a personality profile upon which the approximate path take could be guessed and the path would be strewn with “I knew you were going to go this way” and “really, this way?  I must have given you too much credit”.  That’s the kind of loathing can be reduced and used as pancake syrup it’s so thick and rich.

Well, let’s shrug that whole thing off with what I think is the most amazing video on the Supreme Court ever:

Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty Is ‘Totally Badass’