Klondike Derby Quest

I’m running the Playwicki District Klondike Derby and learning from my previous errors planned and advertised the program months in advance.  It’s now three weeks from the event date and I’ve 12 stations of 30 covered.  I started placing calls to leaders and was simply stunned by the responses I received.  One was curious as to why we wanted his kids and adults, apparently not realizing that someone need put on the program their kids will enjoy as if the district had a legion of elves that pop out to perform programs.  Another stated he needed his parents to go around with their sled, really?  You need that many kids to escort Boy Scouts with a fake sled to stations where kids do practically infant-safe activities, in a park where almost the entire event can be viewed at once?  More amazing is that they were bringing more parent escorts than the unit of special needs kids.  And these are genuine special needs kids, retard-strength and all.  They manage to do fine, maybe because they’re a special kind of special that makes them a different kind of special compared to this lazy group’s special.