Paying for Open Source

I went to the council service center for a webinar, I had to drive to.  I left 75 minutes ahead for what’s normally a 30 minute ride and barely arrive on time because of all the snow for a webinar, I had to drive to.  We all squinted at the screen, which was projected, which was hard to see because the resolution of the projector was different from that of the laptop, which didn’t rescale, at the webinar I had to drive to.  The meeting started and the man began describing the amazing interface which I’m pretty sure was powered by three things:

  • ASP Nuke
  • TinyMCE
  • RSS
  • Mysql

All of which are either open-source, a web standard or flat out free.  I learned they used these technology at the webinar that I had to drive to.  I learned that the recommended way to move from a Word Document to a web document was to move the text into notepad and then copy it into the TinyMCE form making the block body text and completely unformatted, at the webinar I had to drive to.

In this vein of fearsome efficiency I look forward to having to snail-mail an email or possible drive to a conference call.