User Authentication Questions Second Life

Over the past month, I’ve been migrating my passwords from weak security to 37 character random strings using Keepass which has a portable version and allows me to connect to my key database remotely.  But even after changing my passwords I’m miffed that I can’t write my own security questions used for authentication and am stuck with the stock “what was your first job?” which is easy to figure out with some digging.  So, I’ve been putting in fake answers and recording the proper responses and have answered enough that I could provide a reasonable back story to my fake person Joe Baloke.  Joe had an odd childhood as he went to school at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and his first car was an Eremotherium which he took to his job at a ninja factory.   Some of the details of his sordid class are shrouded in mystery but I think he’s got enough background to get a library card.