Guerrilla Upgrades

My previous reasonably nice PC at work was taken for a validation process that requires four identical computers to the point that one candidate PC was rejected its RAM having come from two different lots.  So my 3.2 GHz Xeon was replaced with  something having a 1/3 the processing power, 1/2 the RAM and a video card that could maybe power Q*bert.  The low RAM’s killing me as I normally leave an instance of Firefox open as well as each of the programs I use in my workflow and it chokes if open an instance of Notepad beyond that.  I’m seriously considering breaking into my bosses office, stealing the case key, installing an extra gig of RAM and installing my spare NVidia 7900.   Could I be fired for improving the assets at work?

Boss: Terry, we’re going to let you go for messing with company property
Me: But everything I did improved my throughput.
Boss: You think you can just waltz into your workplace and increase your productivity?  We live in a society of laws, Mr. Robinson.

Although that’d be an awesome interview story “why were you fired from your last position?”, “I was too efficient”.  Although that comes close to the phenomenon of “what’s your biggest handicap?”, “I work too hard” or “I don’t let go until everything’s perfect”.  Boy does that anger me.  Should I ever encounter that as an interviewer I’d reject them for failing to understand the word “handicap” and thus not meet workplace communication standards.