Curious Razor

Penny Arcade’s recent comic comments on Gillette’s Razor Power Fusion for Gamers.  The Amazon product info states the following:

Also living inside the handle is the onboard microchip, which creates an entirely new platform of technology that improves the system’s performance and brings electronics to wet shaving for the first time. The microchip serves three primary functions: It regulates voltage for consistent power, it controls the Low Battery Indicator Light, which alerts you when the battery runs low, so you always have power when you need it, and it powers theAutomatic Shut-Off, which turns the razor off after about 8 minutes in case of accidental activation and protects the battery during travel.

There’s no actual indication of what the onboard microchip does.  The power functions are entirely self-referential and part of me thinks it’s a joke.  But I kind of hope it isn’t strictly to watch it fail.   I felt the same way about Mana Energy drink and Gamer Grub, as if gamer’s used unique muscles and obscure metabolic pathways that explained our collective lethargy as our bodies recovered from byzantine demands and scarcities of rare earth metals required to keep us going.

I see this entirely the work of some daft marketer who will next debut a razor or shaving social network and some facial hair night club in 2nd Life.  This razor “helps you collaborate memes on the Web 2.0” and “your hair is now open source.  Have your soul patch collaborate on our wiki” and other such rubbish.  Although there are several beards and moustaches I’d follow on Twitter.