Camera Mockery

I anticipate sometime in our future doctors’, occupational therapists’ and osteopaths’ offices being filled with people who have chronic elbow pain from “Digital Camera Elbow” whereby instead of using the zoom function the camera user extends the arms and peers at the live view to take a picture as follows:
20090307-148-Lodge Banquet
The combination of poor focus, unsteady arms, cantilever jiggle amplification, and crappy cameras results in shots that if properly tamed could create a pleasing pointilist effect when the wobble is combined with noise from poor ISO usually results in 12 megapixels of meh. We decided to create a shrine to these Wizards of Wobble. Here are two:



I have to admit.  There’s a certain amount of athleticism involved in cantilever photography.  Kyle suffered lower back pain on the second take.