Watchmen Reactions

Notes from seeing The Watchmen:

  • Ozymandias is an idiot.  He speech is slurred and he looks stoned, I’m also confident he wouldn’t hang out with David Bowie.  Anthony Hopkins + Time Machine = Correct Ozymandias.
  • Both the young and old Walter Kovaks/Rorschach look uncannily like…. Walter Kovaks/Rorshach.
  • I almost cried during the opening credits.  I normally hate the montage, but this one dripped with detail.  And it also had to overcome the fact that I hate Bob Dylan.
  • Bubastis came out of nowhere and looked out of place in a movie where a 200 foot tall blue guy with an jangly dong was pulled off reasonably well.
  • Joe and I expected Dr. Manhattan to be more otherworldly in voice, but after thinking about it, not sounding crazy weird makes sense.  His cool delivery of text reinforces the unimportance he attaches to most things.
  • If there were an Academy Award for Respectable Acting in a Comic Book Recreation Night Owl II would get it.
  • Flamethrower as proxy for orgasm: Best. Innuendo. Ever.
  • There was a lot of butt in the movie.  A lot.  And blue dong, but a lot of butt.
  • The riot scenes from the comic seemed much grander.  Less “angry band” and more “crush of humanity”.
  • The poisoned scientists make more sense than when they just kinda die in the comic.
  • The opening panel occupied like 15 minutes of the movie.  No wonder they couldn’t fit everything.
  • Why did Manhattan pop people?  Seemed like he could have just vaporized them.
  • The Frontiersman magazine was never explained.
  • The smiley face on Mars is really the Galle Crater.  It exists.
  • Captain Metropolis’s package showed up enough times that it joins the Smiley Face, Clock and Gordian Knot lock company as a motif.

If you saw the movie, Gizmodo had a wonderful photoshop contest around it.  Our photoshopping skills have come so far.