Donut Dissociation

I let friends borrow Magic cards for tournaments and received a text asking if I could drop off a few cards to someone who’d forgotten them and to just leave them at his doorstep as he was going to sleep.  I gathered the cards, boxed them, and being a swell fellow purchased  a dozen donuts for him and his car mates with which I’m friends for there pre-dawn departure the next day.  I attached the box of borrowed cards to the box of donuts with packaging tape, affixed a sticky note saying “for Gregg, good luck” to the box of donuts and put the ensemble on the door step.

I texted him the next day asking if the donuts’d gone stale and he replied he’d never received the donuts.  His parents had apparently removed the sticky note from the donut box, placed it on the card box, removed the packaging tape binding the two and put the donuts into dry storage in their pantry.  When asked by Gregg what happened they simply responded “we didn’t know they were for you”.