Anti-Thrift Pizza

Joe’s Pizza on 206 serves mediocre pizza at high prices of around $3.25 a slice for a sixth of a 16″ pie topped with at least 3 meats. Three of us went to lunch today and thinking ourselves sneaky purchased a polymeat pizza while rubbing our hands greedily thinking of the ensuing savings. Instead of a fresh pie at a more reasonable price, we got six reheated slices at a cost of $24.00. Yep, it would have been cheaper to purchase six single slices (19.50) rather than the whole pie. Is there some sort of pizza gestalt such that the whole pie is much more valuable than the pieces? Is this his passive aggressive way of saying “stop eating my food, panda jerk”? Did he see our sneaky handrubbing?

Time to go back to jerky cured in a 40°C environmental chamber. Where else can you get ISO 9000-certified dried beef?