Whack Tech Support

The office tech support provider has been changed from a delightful group of midwestern folk to the standard East Asian fare.   Today, I discovered that this group only offers basic technical support and should you have a trickier question it goes elsewhere.  The real gem is if you have an FTP or remote access issue; from our best guesses one gets to talk to Newark’s finest.

It’s refreshing to hear a corrupted databased referred to as both “whack” and “fubar” compared to a “dope” Oracle setup.  The operator knew his stuff and shant be fronting and recommended we opt for the safer VPN option rather than the FTP/Remote Desktop.   <white circle 1997>I’m not exactly sure in what hood he rolls his non-hoopdie ride but he was so helpful I wished not to get all up his grill about it.</white circle 1997>