Cake Heresy

I’m not one to protest cake combinations but today’s rasberry chocolate vanilla pound cake was simply a travesty.  The cake used a royal icing which consists mostly of powdered sugar and egg whites.  The lack of an emulsifier or other softening agent creates a frosting that could be used to forge a murder weapon.  Being one of the lucky ones, I landed a corner rose only to howl in pain when the rose/spear hit the portion of my gums recovering from being hit by my overzealous toothbrush.  Lesson learned, piece two received a haircut and the office praised me for my wisdom.

The the vanilla on raspberry on chocolate.  Any two of those layers together tasted fine as later confirmed by rigorous empirical testing but the three together somehow created a melange of tongue violence.  Normally, when there’s a fight over the last piece until volumetric deference kicks in and it is brought to me by supplicants, no longer.  Today, this amalgamation of sheets made me fail in my role of gourmand of justice. :-(